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Pay Per Click Marketing

Merging performance with outstanding customer service, our PPC specialists are some of the best in the industry with a track record for improving CPL and conversion rates generating more enrollments and starts for our partners.

Social Media

Social Media advertising is changing every day. All major social networks now offer very granular targeting capabilities. This granularity has taken paid social advertising to a new level. The possibilities to refine your target audience has become much more precise.

Consulting Services

Retained consulting services to include: marketing and admissions performance audits, website performance analysis, admissions training and support, short-term marketing team leadership and more.

Direct mail

Traditional direct mail still has a place in today’s world. We have experienced the evolution of this communication and continue to develop creative solutions to ensure your message is read response rates improves. Success in direct mail requires a firm understanding of not only creative but of List procurement. We analyze your customers demographics to develop a profile and to identify the best lists to target.

Creative Services

The best media placements will not succeed with poor creative and messaging or weak call to actions Our team is versed in creative that drives inquiries. Our team helps our partners every day to present a visual identity through collateral design, display advertisements, print advertisements, web video, television commercials, long form video, web design and development, content creation and a host of other visual and written communication.

Lead Nurturing

Much of your marketing efforts will drive early funnel inquiries that may enroll over time. Nurturing required to convert these prospects to student is critical as your admissions team will work on new incoming inquires losing interest in those who just may not be ready today. To support your enrollment efforts, we provide lead nurturing services to include call center solutions, Email automation, social and display remarketing, IP targeting, SMS marketing and more.

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